IHSquared is a brand that combines my two passions of fine art and street wear, hopefully creating the best of both worlds through my clothing designs. I place emphasis on the artwork and minimize the branding, relying on the strength of the images rather than a brand name or slogan. I strive to create something that could belong in a gallery space, is accessible to everyone, and relatable to creative people without the pretensions of fine art culture. 

All my art pieces start out in colored pencil. I then ink the images by hand, and scan them into the computer to work with colors, and prep the art for the screen-printing process. All products are then screen printed by hand onto the highest quality American-made materials.


You might notice that almost every time I draw the back of a hand there is usually a set of teeth. This is my way of representing the balance of creation and destruction - the creating hands and the ever devouring teeth. It has become a recurring theme in my work as well as the logo for IHSquared.  


I print on the best quality materials with the highest quality inks, to insure the images printed will never fade. However, the screen-printed design is NOT iron safe.

TRI BLEND – 50% polyester, 25% rayon, 25% cotton – These blended tees and tanks are extremely soft and lightweight. Due to the small amount of cotton, shrinkage is very minimal, and they will always fit after washing them.

50/50 BLEND – 50% polyester and 50% cotton – Like the tri blend, this blend is extremely soft and lightweight. Yet, because of the higher percentage of cotton, they are more susceptible to some shrinkage. Keep that in mind when selecting size as well as when washing and drying your shirt.

100% COTTON – We all know cotton shrinks, so please wash in cold water and dry on low to minimize shrinkage

FIT – All t-shirts and tank tops are a unisex fit. I recommend that women size down one from what they wear in womens’ clothing sizes.